The Last Pas De Deux by David B Simmonds | Layers & Shadows by Sandra Curtis

David explores how death and decay transform the ordinary beauty of life. These images of dead flowers reveal grace and passion. Exquisite distortions of their former selves become almost transcendent as light passes through their fragile forms. We see them again, alive and potent in one last beautiful dance, surpassing life and death.

These images explore the death of the ideal-self. Beneath this persona lie many faces. Looking inward, who looks back?
Peering into the shadows, we catch a glimpse through the layers to the depths of soul where we are marked by life, where the personal touches the boundless universal. Created on the iPhone, in this age of the ubiquitous and widely shared "selfie", these self-portraits explore the notion that we all have hidden faces

Exhibited at the recent Ballarat International Foto Biennale (2013) Fringe Programme, August 17 to September 15. David and his wife, Sandra, installed their work in a paired showing. Both bodies of work symbolically explore the transition of "death", the endings of things whether they be physical forms and relationships, or the firmly held self-beliefs and ideals which are often challenged in midlife.

We experimented with presenting the works in a blended way, alternating the works along the wall. This approach seemed to work well. You can read comments below:

"Very interesting to mix two ideas in a series - the clash should be more intrusive but it seems to work"

"I thought the imagery and themes of both series worked really well together"

"Delicate and beautiful pieces"

"Fantastic juxtaposition of contemporary selfie-culture and traditional oil-based portraiture"

"Just beautiful work David and Sandra"

"Lovely ephemera - time passing, never to be regained"

"Sandra, inspiringly beautiful & very moving images...David, the dance of decay with beauty and a smile of fragility!"