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Shown at Ballarat International Foto Biennale Fringe (20th August - 18th September 2011), Clement Meadmore Gallery, Port Melbourne (5th - 17th November 2011), and some works were included in a group show at Gallery Eleven40, Malvern (February 2013). Limited edition pigment prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta paper.

This body of work explores the idea that great buildings create an experience of beauty and space that takes us to a place of personal sanctuary. These images of public space interiors call the viewer to feel their harmony of space, form, line and light. This combination of qualities is what I call "sacred space", regardless of a building's size or purpose, whether it be secular or sacred, period or contemporary. The viewer is encouraged to slow down a moment from life's incessant demands, and absorb how the physical space and quality of light might shift us, even briefly, from doing to being.

GUEST BOOK excerpts:

"Your images are so beautiful, subtle yet very powerful". "Stunning and inspiring". "Absolutely amazing". "Glorious, uplifting work". "Technically and visually breathtaking". "Exquisite". "Awesome, exciting images". "Alchemical, wondrous, magical." "Powerful sacred spaces. Beautiful." "Reminds me of Andreas Gursky. Incredible exhibition collection."

"David, congratulations on a most rich, cohesive and brilliantly hung body of work. I enjoyed seeing it on many levels of perception. I look forward to seeing more of your expansive vision in the future!" (17/11/2011) - Dianna Gold (Dianna Gold Fine Arts)


In this exhibition of architectural space, David B. Simmonds has found that which is eternal, imposing and as the name of his collection suggests, sacred. Not only is this notion embedded in the awe inspiring constructed environments David has captured, but it is clearly present in the emotional resonance that these images provide to the viewer. Whilst it is challenging and indeed entertaining to try to determine which familiar buildings have been illustrated in this work (before one looks at the title), their power comes not from the actuality of the architectural constructions – although this indeed is powerful. Rather it comes from the spiritual engagement these images trigger with the viewer. An engagement that is formed via the heartfelt resonance offered through the work. Offered in the first instance by the architect responsible for the building design, but most importantly with regard to this exhibition, by the manner through which David has re-interpreted particular aspects of these buildings. A re-interpretation that seduces, beguiles, and enthrals the viewer. David’s large scale, geometrically ordered and beautifully designed photographic constructions provide the ability for us to enter into these personal sacred spaces – and it is indeed a wonderful journey (11/11/2011)

Dr Les Horvat (Academic Director, Photography Studies College)


"... Gallery Girl ran from image to image - The Old Stock Exchange, a city car park, 101 Collins St, ANZ Gothic Bank, Government House, 8 Exhibition St, T&G Building, 333 Collins St. It went on and on, all the great buildings, and some that lets face it they are not so great, but under the lens of David B Simmonds they become grand and their grandness takes them and you to a whole other level. They are implemented beautifully and with an eye of a professional who knows his craft and knows how to make a picture work - composition, light and printing all perfect.

Gallery Girl contemplated the current trend toward reality art - the reality of painting and photography that sometimes took away beauty - these works were the opposite they took you from every day reality of the city building you run past, or through, into a new dream for that space ..." (22/11/2011) Gallery Girl aka Andy Dinan, MARS Gallery. Read the full Gallery Girl review

SPONSORS: I am indebted to my sponsors whose generous support made this exhibition possible. CPL Digital for their technical excellence and great care in printing this exhibition. DES Beyond Creation and Hahnemühle Fine Art for the beautiful paper that enhances these prints.